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Hong Kong

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French Antique & Lifestyle General Store


結婚式繪本回禮咖啡掛耳包/茶包Wedding/Event/Farewell - Drip Bag Coffee

Drip Bag

結婚式繪本回禮咖啡掛耳包/茶包Wedding/Event/Farewell - Drip Bag Coffee

lowP1260014 2.jpg
lowP1260014 2.jpg

結婚式繪本回禮咖啡掛耳包/茶包Wedding/Event/Farewell - Drip Bag Coffee

from 3,000.00

Wedding/Event/Farewell / Birthday - Drip Bag Coffee

Coffee 10g/bag 

Tea  5g/bag

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Terms and Conditions:

1. Drip Bag can ONLY be applied to the standard materials and size.

2. The picture on website are for reference only, please refer the colour and effect to the actual paper and

printing sample.

3. Procedure after order is performed based on the order information transmitted to Parc Antique & Lifestyle

Please consent beforehand.

4. After receiving your order, Parc Antique & Lifestyle will send an email to you acknowledging receipt of your order.

If your order is accepted by Parc Antique & Lifestyle would contact you by phone or email to confirm

your purchase as well as the pick up date.

5. The product can be picked at Parc Antique & Lifestyle only. 

6. You are requested to examine the products immediately upon receipt for any deficiencies and/or damages. 

Parc Antique & Lifestyle will exchange the damaged product as soon as possible and has the right to refuse to 

exchange product on the ground of damages once the receipt was signed off.

7. Payment:

i. 50% deposit payment is required before processing your order. The balance payment must be fully paid before product pick up.

ii. Payment details: 

By Bank Transfer:

BEA (東亞銀行) Account No. 015-531-68-00831-9  ( payable to PARC ANTIQUE & LIFESTYLE )  

iii. Cancellation Charges:

No refund will be given for cancellation.

8.  Parc Antique & Lifestyle reserves the final right of determination.