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– Parc Antique & Lifestyle –

[ the graceful 1900's ]



PARC Antique & Lifestyle offers farmhouse style French antiques from the 1900s. Meaning “park” in French, PARC Antique & Lifestyle emphasises living comfortably among antiques. PARC Antique & Lifestyle specialized in antiques handpicked and bought from throughout all of France. The antiques are of the World War I and II eras, with a natural and simplistic style.

Though antiques are from a generation that predates us, they are certainly not outdated nor obsolete. PARC aims to integrate them into modern interior designs and concepts. Besides antique furniture, PARC offers vintage desserts as well as chocolates from France.

1900’S法國農莊風格( Farm House Style) 古道具(古董)專門店,法國古椅子及雜貨店。法語PARC指「PARK公園」,跟古道具一起輕鬆生活的場所。PARC古道具公園買手從法國南部及北部鄉鎮穿州過省搜來簡樸詩意(POÉTIQUE NATUREL)的〖法國農莊風格〗古道具,館內收藏了許多法國於一、二戰後的古道具及上世20-30年代的建築師椅子。

品牌認為古道具是「古」而非「舊」,而主張把百年古道具融入現代生活,混搭出屬於現代優美而具藝術深度的空間造型。除法國家具,也從維也納帶來各種古道具小物。館內Poetic Science 的「古董洋菓子店」專售百年古老法國洋菓子及法國進口糖果及巧克力,著名的包括起源於1850's巴黎的修女泡芙。


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