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About Us :   [ French Antique & Lifestyle General Store ] PARC Antique & Lifestyle offers farmhouse style French antiques from the 1900s. Meaning “park” in French, PARC Antique & Lifestyle emphasises living comfortably among antiques. PARC Antique & Lifestyle specialised in antiques handpicked and bought from throughout all of France. The antiques are of the World War I and II eras, with a natural and simplistic style.Though antiques are from a generation that predates us, they are certainly not outdated nor obsolete. PARC aims to integrate them into modern interior designs and concepts. Besides antique furniture, PARC offers vintage desserts as well as chocolates from France. / @ Parc 古道具公園


Poetic Science

by Parc Coffee


[Coffee & Gifts]

Looking for gift ideas for coffee lover friends or yourself ? Visit our coffee page and find your favourite beans and Drip Bag coffee gift box. 


bespoke drip bag

coffee / tea gifts

with your name & illustration portrait drawing


Silly Symphony -


Bespoke Wedding Project | Wedding Designers Brands Shop

Sub Brand : Silly symphony by parc wedding

[Bespoke wedding projects]

Using the beautiful and elegant styles of the 1900s, Silly Symphony plans weddings. We believe weddings should be unique to everyone and each should have their own style. Furthermore, we believe the wedding day itself should be a day of festivities and interactions with family and friends.